HiDef HD Blu-Ray


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Odyssey HiDef HD DVD (80 discs) and want to be able to buy Blu-Ray if I find a song I feel that I have. The Toshiba players are great but they are limited to HD DVD and upconverting great (could probably make me happy for years, but I’m greedy: I want it all!). I got my BH200 from Amazon for $ 599, a bit ‘expensive, but I have two formats into one. I was just disappointed because the image and audio are not what I expected. Then I realized that I was confident the factory default settings LG. Once I had the Setup menu and increasing the brightness and color properly, I had a crystal clear picture (on my LG widescreen LCD) and great sound system through my lg blu-ray player. Surprise, surprise! The upscaling is great! I can hardly see the difference between the number of HD (both formats) and SD version. This will save me a lot of money. on most versions.

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The Super LG Blu Player


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The Super Blu Player offers increased opportunities for high-definition entertainment, because he can play movie titles 50-60 percent more in high definition format that is single player. With a networked interactivity available selected HD DVDs, and ability to handle BD-Live network interactivity for Blu-ray ahead, it is the latest available technology that plays both disc formats. Viewers can enjoy advanced options such as Picture-in-available Blu-ray and HDi interactivity, connected to the Internet many photos available from many HD DVDs. Access to these features enables viewing of storyboards, production videos and director comments that the movie plays, as well as access to current information. The Super Blu Player also accepts additional entertainment content via a network connection for unprecedented entertainment experience.

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